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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Adguard v2,1362 Premium Beta-Android

Free Adguard v2,1362 Premium Beta-Android-This Adguard application;
- Provide protection steady,
- Control quickly and without the participation of liquidation loading Web pages.
- Removes all annoying ads,
- Block load malicious sites.
Free Adguard v2,1362 Premium Beta-Android
Congratulations, click on this the download link to grab the your file.

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Free Adguard v.1,356 Premium -Android apk

Some Adguard function is as:
- Application of a good web filtering to prevent annoying ads, phishing malicious websites, online tracking and others.
- Addressing all types of Internet advertising, accelerate when opening a page, to save on bandwidth and enhance the protection device against possible threats.
- Filtering traffic only and does not interfere with other applications that are running.
- Filtering the traffic on your device without ROOT rights.
- Speed of filtering is not dependent on the VPN server.
- Filter traffic browser by blocking phishing and demand of this type of malicious sites and remove the ads annoying browsers.
- Adguard can use two modes of traffic filtering mode local VPN, HTTP local proxy mode.
Local VPN mode. And many more that you may require ......!
Adguard v. 1,356 Premium -Android apk
Congratulations, click on this the download link to grab the your file.

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Friday, February 26, 2016

Free Traffic Racer V2.2.1mega mod.apk Android

Traffic Racer V2.2.1mega mod.apk: an arcade racing. Driving a car in highway traffic, to earn money, upgrade the car and/buying a new one. Try to be one of the fastest drivers in the global leaderboards.
Free Traffic Racer V2.2.1mega mod.apk Android
Features available:
- With stunning 3D graphics displays
- Smooth and realistic car handling
- It has about 33 different cars.
- Details of five (5) areas: as in the suburbs, in the desert, snowy areas, in the rain and a night on the town.
- By providing five game modes: endless, Two-Way, Time Trial, Police Chase and Free Ride.
- Various NPC traffic including trucks, buses and SUVs.
- Basic customization through paint and wheels.
- Leaderboard and Achievements online.
- Tilt or Touch to steer.
- Touch gas button to accelerate the motion of the car.
- Touch brake button to slow the vehicle.

What's new in this apk;
- Added two types of brand new cars for the show-room.
- Added customization new- vinyls.
- Added color picker for unlimited color.
- Added about 22 new rims.
- Update graphic some car models.
- Repetition of user interface design.
- Share pictures car showroom.
- Size / capacity reduced application
- And other improvements.

Mega Mod Information:
Restricted cash, Unlocked All Cars, All Cars maxed out, Unlocked All Locations (Tracks)
, Cash doubler, Deleted ads.

TIPS what needs to be created;
- The faster drive value increasingly more to get the victory.
- When driving over 100 kmh, overtake cars closely to get bonus points and cash.
- Driving in the opposite direction in two-way mode gives extra score and money.
Have a nice play !

Congratulations, click on this the download link to grab the your file.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Free Download Action Launcher 3 Plus 3.7.3-Android

Action Launcher 3 Plus 3.7.3: allows importing from other existing provisions pitcher include Apex, Nova, Google Now Launcher, Sense, TouchWiz and the stock Android launcher, as if at home. But there are some features that need to upgrade to add application.
Free Download Action Launcher 3 Plus 3.7.3
Great service include:
- Design of wallpaper that has been extracted, used to customize the look of design.
- Background folder, with a Google search box with themed wallpaper.
- Innovative Take on the folders that enable running applications and shortcuts without removing the appearance of the home screen.
- With unique features (Shades) that releases the power and potential of Android widgets. Through the application icons and widgets application is automatically created and displayed.
- Able to quickly access to all the applications (Quickdrawer). And
register fully adapted to all applications.
- The existence of Quickpage screen with multi functions that can be accessed from the right side of the screen.
- With Icons package, and change individual icons. And others .... with full support tablets.

Licensing Purposes:
- To direct dialing shortcuts can make phone calls in need of a Phone Number.
- To establish a reliable backup and wallpaper designs or to replace an icon with the image of the external storage it is necessary Photos/Media/Files. Good Luck !

Congratulations, click on this the download link to grab the your file.

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Free Game- Airport City v4.3.2.0 APK MOD

Airport City v4.3.2.0 APK MOD ; This is a real-time simulation game to test your skills and planning. Not only that, but also an opportunity for expansion. Not only about the construction and flights from all over the world, but also provides features such as meet or greet people from all over the world, other activities are collecting unique artifacts, and as another exciting addition is complete the challenge to get the prize.
Free Game- Airport City v4.3.2.0 APK MOD
The key to success is a wise, such as set construction schedule and finishing the entire airport and city construction projects in the budget allocated to the right or the game is over.

Features available:
- Can be run offline without internet.
- The graphics are good, high-quality sound.
- Easy to use and engrossing gameplay
- Intuitive tutorial and help features.
- Lots of colorful characters.
- Rows of residential and commercial building decoration that makes the game City Airport as the best building game for kids.
- And No ads.

- Download and install the apk file it.
- Copy the folder for internal OBB/Android/folder obb.

Congratulations, click on this the download link to grab the your file.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Free All-In-One Toolbox for Android

Free All-In-One Toolbox for Android
Got To strengthen the function of memory is the All-In-One Toolbox;
- Has 29 apps SA (Android system),
- Created to sweep away junk files,
- Increase the strength of memory,
- Maintain personal information also speedup Android by removing the press.
- Can batch uninstall apps that are less useful,
- Move the app to SD Card,
- Stop the applications currently running on the system boots,
- Managing files on SD Card
- And much more

The main features are:
- Simple and has a real UI design in order to Facilitate and Accelerate for system optimization.
- Accurate when scanning all the junk files cache, file leftovers, temperature and so forth.
- With the help of a package of 29 applications can ease the system and improve battery life.
- Supported with 31 languages, so easy to use it.
- The size of the light in the absence of background services,
- Requires only little memory space and battery usage.

Clean up junk files as smart and safe cleaning.
- Can delete SMS also call log
- Can do deletion after browsing history.
- To delete the Temp files
- Can clean SD card
- Can Sweep remnants apk
- Can Removing cache file

With the manager and also the speed of booting up will address each time the device so slow/freeze.
- Stopping the startup applications that are less needed from the system boot.
- Loosening of memory, set your Android device in order to run at optimal speed.
- Improve under the aegis of a whitelist with one tap.
- Process manager with the memory, battery and CPU consumption
- Accelerate boot.
- Removing the system resources

Keeping personal information, the Service Pass will lock a personal thing.
- Fortify (App locker)
- Delete Browsing trail/browsing history
- Delete Call/SMS log.

Check the list of options, controls the corresponding file their own accord.
- With the support uninstall system applications
- With App to SD card
- With Batch installer/uninstaller
- With the support of Zip and unzip
- Backup and restore option

More than 29 applications, all of which are important for the ease and convenience of Android.
- Making Cache and so clean junk files, 0ption silent mode, airplane mode option and with wifi management at certain intervals automatically.
- Providing news when something is missing.
- Turns lights when dark
- Scanning is fast and able to collect info.
- Provides games to make it more enjoyable.
- Displays all sensors in Android.
- Provides a single tap Volume option, and so on ....Good Luck !

Congratulations, For All IN ONE APK klik HERE.- And for PLUGIN DATA klik HERE !

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